Fonderie d’Art Héritage : manufacturer of bronze and zinc funeral urns

Specializing in the manufacture of bronze and zinc urns, Fonderie d’Art Héritage’s experienced team masters the art of immortalizing a person by highlighting his or her interests or passion.

Our sculptors have the skills to create the most sought-after urn styles, in addition to offering a product of exceptional beauty and quality. The customer’s needs and market trends are the only factors that limit their creativity.

Melting bronze and zinc, an art that we master to perfection.

At Fonderie d’Art Héritage, we use casting techniques and manufacturing procedures that guarantee the impeccable quality of our funeral urns. For example, casting using catalyzed sand and lost wax ensures that the bronze and zinc are cast with a high level of precision.

Our team, consisting of a dozen employees, brings together the expertise needed to implement all the steps leading to the final product; namely, the design of the funeral urns, the fabrication of the molds, the actual production, in small or large lots, and the finishing work.

A family tradition

Fonderie d’Art Héritage was founded in 1995 in Lévis, by Jean-Guy and Marc Gagnon. Since then, the father, son, and the third generation of Gagnon have worked in close collaboration to offer urns of exceptional quality to funeral homes operating in the North American market.

The Gagnon family has more than 35 years of experience in the funeral industry, of which several years have been devoted to the manufacturing of funeral urns. Thanks to this unique expertise and the owners’ innate business sense, Fonderie d’Art Héritage is now one of the largest manufacturers of funeral urns in Canada.

Marc Gagnon
Marc GagnonPresident
Jean-Guy Gagnon
Jean-Guy GagnonFounder